Homeowner’s follow trends in remodeling

We thought we would mix up Contractor’s Corner this month and provide some predictions on what trends we think will influence the remodeling industry in 2014.

Over the past few years, the design world has been blending cbd products aspects from all building styles — modern, classic, antique and contemporary — and I see that trend continuing to evolve. What I am seeing with New England designers, builders and homeowners is that they are not being held back by one particular style, but instead are having fun and being bold in their designs, and it has yielded some very interesting and fun projects. Gone are the days when a cape needed to just be a cape. Homeowners are seeking a classic look with modern updates.

One trend consistent with last year is open-concept floor layouts, but I am starting to see “nook” spaces being created. Homeowners want their kitchens, dining areas and entertaining spaces to have an open flow, but they are also looking to create comfortable, quiet areas separate from central command where kids can do homework, and guests and family members can read and relax.

In keeping with the theme of an open concept, more and more homeowners are incorporating their inside and outside living areas, taking into consideration how their deck space works with their kitchen and living room, and where grills and other outdoor kitchen pieces are placed to create a seamless transition between inside and out in the warmer weather.

Another trend that was very prevalent for a long time was elaborate master suites that included sitting areas and even in-suite kitchenettes. More and more homeowners are putting square footage toward their master closets and master baths or other areas of the house.

Organization has always been a goal for homeowners during their remodeling projects, but we are seeing this more as mudrooms and laundry rooms become another element of the home, meaning design and decoration is more valued than before. I am seeing homeowners carry the colors of their main living space into the mudroom and making laundry rooms functional, attractive, fun spaces to be, even if you are folding laundry!

There are beneficial trends I am seeing in design products as well that include a rapid adoption of green materials. For a long time, contractors and painters were experimenting with different types of paints as the industry moved toward a more green paint product, and we have finally become comfortable with reliable, green paint brands that have far fewer harmful fumes.

We are also seeing this change with lighting — when LED and CFL lights were first introduced, they gave off a different light than people were used to seeing. The technology has certainly improved and there are more options available, which has led to homeowners and contractors installing more and more energy efficient lights.

With a lot of focus being placed on Portsmouth’s development right now, homeowners need to be given credit for their willingness and desire to update their living environments with a classic style and modern touch. Looking at the homes in the greater Portsmouth area, I love seeing the way the neighborhood is subtly changing and am proud to be one of the builders along with the local architects and designers who are making a mark on the Seacoast.

Anything else you want to know next month? Just e-mail me at patremodeling@gmail.com.

Patrick Driscoll is owner of Star Island Builders, a building and remodeling company on the Seacoast. For information, visit pdrrnh.com or on Facebook.

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